Tuesday, April 29, 2008

back in action

no more sick B! phew. Bronchitis seriously kicked my asssssss!!! what a beautiful weekend....
sat-hung out with mare and had a yummy lunch and then saw Baby Mama with Joey. pretty funny. still dont want to have kids. EEEEE!
sunday-by the pool allllll day with Joey and Jess. the guys finally came down and we had a pool party. got in to a fight with the HOA lady (bleh!!). watched thousands of bees for a while right next to our house. SCARY!!!

having a GREAT week so far. it feels good to be back at work!!!!!!!! (thought i'd never say that)

AWWWW moment:

i was changing the pics from my old lap top to the new one and had hours of fun looking at all my old pics. sigh!!!!!

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