Monday, April 14, 2008


i'm 25!!!!!!!!!! woooo!! oldie but goodie. ok, so maybe it's not that old but i swear i feel older. what a CRAZZZZZY week!!! my blog is blocked at work, boo. sure i can go on at home but i want to spend every second with my lover when we're home........last Saturday was one of the best days EVER!!!!!!!! Brandon and I rented the coolest party bus EVER and we had 35 people on the bus. it was so fun! of course i needed a theme so we did 80's! OMG let me just say that i have the best friends! everyone dressed up. i was the 80's prom queen and Brandon was the jock that never showed up.. haha (yes i actually thought about it).

so we took the bus down to Temecula to go wine tasting! sooooooooo awesome!! dancing, karaoke on the bus, shots (tons & tons), video camera's, and more. Brandon and i had the best 25th!!!!!!

we came back to our house and played Wii American idol for hours. so fun. Poor Brandon sprained his ankle at the winery but that didnt stop us from having fun.

Sunday was my bday!!!!!!!! I woke up to the best card ever! thanks baby....We had to go to my uncles wedding that night. it was at Il Cielo (so cute). we danced and drank all night. Oh and the best part.....GUESS who caught the bouquet?? yours truly! ME!! :)

Monday after work my parents picked me up and we went to Roys for dinner. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Tuesday night Bekah and I took ut the Italy girls that were in town for work. We went to Ketchup and then back to the beverly hilton for drinks. we had so much fun. i want to learn Italian so bad!

Weds night we went to the Ivy with people from work. so good!!!

Thursday was the BEST day!!! it was the OneWorldOneBrand meeting all day at the beverly Hilton hotel. so amazing. it was in the Golden Globes ball room. our movie was a hit!! everyone loved it! the cocktail party was the bar and tons of people! such a great night!!

Friday night i finally got to see Brandon<3 he took me to Arnie Morton's for my bday dinner. we had such a great time. after dinner we went to the W hotel for drinks. i swear it felt like a first date. laughing, flirting, making out. yum!!!!!!

The rest of our weekend consisted of bars, friends and way too many drinks. i never thought the week would end but it was AMAZING!!!

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marie said...

wowwwwwwww! i love all the pics! i'm so glad you had such a great birthday =)


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