Friday, April 25, 2008

last weekend

last weekend update:
Firday night Brandon and I went to a Gala at the Beverly Hilton with some people from my work. 10K/table! yikes! it was good for the free stuff but not our cup of tea. it was the Sound Body Sound Mind charity event and Taft (our old HS) was there. pretty funny. made me feel OLD! :(

Saturday I had girls night out with a bunch of girls from work and Angelique. we went to GOA and had VIP the whole night. we had a great dinner, great table, and lots of booze. saw some B and C Lister celebs. one grabbed me and said that i knew him. i said please don't touch me and walked away. Angelique was looking at me like i was crazy..shemar moore?!! yah no idea. and i think it's so sad when they have to say we know them. obviously not cheese di**. sorry. so we danced all night and got home around 4am.

Sunday we went to see my dad. he's doing much better. it's so hard to see him sick. i wish there was something i can do to take it away. :(

so fast forwarding a is a new weekend and i am sick! DNWAI(RNWIfdse(@!*& Really? why?!?!?!?!?

cheers to a good weekend (and feeling better).

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