Monday, May 19, 2008

7 more days!

Brandon and I are celebrating our 5 year anniversary this Sunday. CRAZY and madly in love! I realized that I alwayyyyyyyys talk about him/us so why not another post?
So.... I met Brandon when we were in the 7th grade (12 years old). The Northridge earthquake ruined our house and it was red tagged which caused us to move from Studio City to Tarzana. I hated not going to school with all of my friends but in no time made great new ones. Brandon Scarpelli was in almost all of my classes and was the obnoxious kid in class that made a comment on everything. He was so cute and loud and I had a serious crush. We started talking and sure enough he asked me to be his “girlfriend”. Back then dating meant barely hanging out and not getting the digits for months. Haha he asked me to be his GF in the halls and I freaked out and told him I had to ask my friend. HAHA, great answer right? so….of course my friend gave me approval and we dated for 3 years. He used to roller blade to my house every day in the summers, we would make out for hours on the couch, he signed my yearbook on every page….sigh! it was kiddy love. In the summer of the 9th grade I wrote him a note and broke it off. He still gives me shit for writing a letter and I still give him shit for letting me leave that easy..he should have fought for me. haha no but I guess it was better that we broke up. We both dated other people and managed to stay friends. I was always “Brandon’s Brandi” and he was always “Brandi’s Brandon”. I swear it would piss off my boyfriends when someone would say “Oh Brandon’s Brandi is coming with us”…haha (I know I’ve talked about this before but well..I think it’s classic…)
So, forward to my 18th bday….I went to Palm Springs with a bunch of friends and brandon came. All throughout HS I couldn’t look at him like an “ex” was Brandon…I don’t know, I guess you have to know him….so I didn’t know he was coming but to my surprise he did. It was a wild weekend and of course being as young as we were we bought truth or dare sex dice and played in the Jacuzzi (wasted too I might add). Brandon and I had to make out for some ridiculous amount of time and when we kissed I swear I wanted more. We were flirty all weekend and then it ended. We went back to “real” life and it wasn’t the right time for us.
Fast forward two years out of HS and I am in my own apartment with my roomie. I decide to have a party and my friend asks if Brandon can come. I was shocked and surprised to hear his name. of course he came over (cause he couldn’t resist ;) ) and it was extremely awkward. Our friend tried to get us to talk and make light of the situation and then we were hooked. We talked for hours and I instantly knew I wanted him in my life. I kissed him FIRST and the rest is history. He never left my house or me from that night on. We have been in love for 5 years now and have dated for 8 years of our lives. I couldn’t imagine my life without him and I am so lucky and honored to share our lives together. 3 years ago we bought our first car together and 1 year ago we bought our first condo….we keep moving forward and I LOVE it. he makes me smile and loves me for me. HE JUMPED OUT OF A PLANE FOR ME!! I love every bit of him and wouldn’t change anything. AND when he asks the “big” question…......i know I wont have to ask a friend…


Katelin said...

aww you guys are so cute. happy anniversary :)

Catherine Ashley Talks fashion said...

oh my god.
youve touched me...
(not in a dirty way tho)hahah

no really..i am really happy for you guys and wish all the best..
being in love is such a miracle..
i myself have been with my boyfriend for 8 years.we started dating in junior high..
and in july we are moving back to Taiwan and getting our own place...i am so excited!!!!




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