Monday, May 5, 2008

Colored Jeans

i splurged this weekend on random pieces of clothing i thought i "needed". I bought one two many black tanks that all start to look alike after a while. BUT-you can never have too many black tanks! i also stepped outside of my box and bought a hot pair of bright blue jeans! LOVE! i wore them Sat night and got a ton of compliments. they are a tad too big but they are also skinny jeans so you cant really tell. i wanted the gourd (dark yellow) colored ones but they didnt have my size. this is the first pair of jeans i ever bought from forever and that were under 175! :) they were only $19.80!!!!!!

colored jeans are my new fav!!


1 comment:

zoeeeee said...

i bought the expensive ones from american apparel, horrible idea, they stretch like five sizes in a day


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