Monday, May 12, 2008

my weekend

boo for Monday. sniff sniff.
Friday night was lazy B & b night. we watched the Laker game and Joey and her sis came over.
Saturday I went to 3rd street with my mom. my mom went on a shopping spree at HardTail which is a great store. cute and flattering comfy gym clothes. they had a jacket that i fell in love with and will go back soon. we shopped for hours, had a great lunch, and went to the new house (their project at the moment) which i am wanting to buy so bad. this house is AMAZING!!! my dream house!!!! fingers crossed! Sat night Brandon and i went to Santa Monica and met up with Mai and Jessica and went to V-lounge. the DJ was not so good, ok maybe borderline awful, but we still had a good night.
Sunday (just like every other holiday) was hectic. we have 3 moms to visit and it is so draining. we always make it work and everyone is happy! 9:30 buffet, 11:30 buffet, and 3:00 in Ventura. craziness!
Brandon and i finally got home and vegged out. watched and movie and went to sleep. mmmmmmm i can sure use some sleep right now!

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