Friday, May 30, 2008

"Sex is back"

EEEEEEEEEE! i cant wait to see SATC! i am going to see it with the girls from work tonight. Can't wait! so funny how the news is saying this is going to be one of the biggest "girl's nights" ever. i couldn't drag Brandon to see this if my life depended on it. o well, i would rather see it with SATC fans! Last night we watched the Laker game with Eric and Joey! they started off rocky but WON! woohoo! Go LAKERS!
Brandon woke up early this morning and made us breakfast. mmmmmmm i love him. we had coffee and breakfast and got ready for work.
Happy Friday! so happy the weekend is almost here. phew......


enc said...

I like you in this v. short vest.

Kira Fashion said...

you are so sexy!
love the short vest!

a kiss!!

brandon said...

sorry kira she is taken by yours truely. and this why you're always late to work? having photo shoots after i leave huh?


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