Tuesday, May 13, 2008

SUMMER does a body good!

hottest swim wear
oh my!
Vaca is right around the corner and i want to have zero complaints with myself. working out and eating healthy (ER) are my priorities. I'm all about cardio and crunches. i cant do the whole diet thing but i'm trying to eat healthy snacks more and more. goodbye hot Cheetos hello baby carrots. (they look similar right?)
swimsuit shopping is fun and i envy all the models. oh to be 16 again and not have a worry in the world about what i look like or how much i weight/ hmppph.


Victoria's Secret


Katelin said...

i love the green and white suit, so cute.

Jocelyn K. said...

V.S. swimwear is my BBF!!! I have two and they aren't costly at all.

zoeeeee said...

classic black is the coolest by far

Angela said...

Try carrots with some peanut butter! And flavored rice cakes. Those are some of my favorite "diet" foods, because they still have a lot of flavor. That's funny you compared baby carrots to cheetos! I'd NEVER even thought of that!


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