Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Hump Day-phew!
so happy the week is almost over but Brandon leaves tomorrow and i am so not excited. he comes home Monday but still. i hate being away from him.
last night Mare and i went on a hike. it was so nice, but hard. we did a good deed by finding someones keys. i could not imagine losing my keys in the hills. yikes! she dropped me off and Brandon and i walked to this restaurant to have some yummy Mexican food. we were going there in hopes of taco Tuesday but they didn't have that. happy hour works too. it was funny cause since we walked i didn't have any stuff with me and of course he carded me and i wasn't aloud to drink. what?!#!@! I'm 25! haha but i understood it was just really funny.

My Bro's bday is today and cant wait till tonight! stories to come..

any who, on the way to work today i had a sneeze attack (story of my life) and i realized how dangerous it really is to SWD (sneeze while driving). i don't know about you but when i sneeze i feel like i am morphing in to something else. my head goes back, my eyes shut and my entire body feels it. i was honestly scared while i was on the freeway cause i cant change the way i sneeze and all i could think is i feel bad for the people next to me..... needless to say nothing happened...but still....SCARY!

i'm wearing a LOT of GUESS (watch, jeans, jacket)

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enc said...

Sorry to hear about all the sneezing. I don't like my eyes forcibly closing while I'm driving on the expressway!

Your hair looks cute in a bun.


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