Monday, June 2, 2008

my weekend.

Hola! we had a jammed pack weekend.

Friday: SATC! EEEEEEEEEEEE seriously i loved, loved, LOVED it! it's such a great movie. if you havent seen it you must! it's great. what did you think? amazing? i felt so good when i left the theater. it puts friendship in to perspective and really makes you adore and appreciate your friends that much more. i cant stop talking about it. i laughed, gasped, cringed, and cried. so good! and the fashion was unreal. OMG the wedding dress. sighhhhh. the girls and i left work early to go see it. after it was over we went to a bar in Burbank and had a drink as we talked about every scene in the movie. i can seriously go on for days....

Saturday: I met Jess at Starbucks to talk. we had breakfast at Marmalade at the commons with her mom and cousin (YUM!). I went home and got ready for dinner. Brandon and i met his mom and a family friend at Woodranch. mmmmmmmm they have the best bread. (i know, i know, FATTY!) after dinner and 3 long islands Brandon and i went to see Bryan's band. Mare met up with us and we had a total therapy session with each other. it was heaven. Brandon and i had a late stop at Wendy's (my FAV) and it was off to bed.

Sunday: we went to Magic Mountain with 15 or so people. we had so much fun. new rides, lemon slushy, big hats, superwo/man capes, and great friends. The rides just dont seem "as" scary since we've jumped out of a plane. ha! ok..lying, i was screaming the whole time. Brandon and i had to leave by 3 to go to my Bro's 26th bday. AHHHH he's in his late 20's. so weird. we had a BBQ at my moms. i love nights with the fam. My bro's girlfriend's family was there and it was so nice to finally meet them. i love my family! we missed D. too bad Chicago is sooooooo far away.

so there you have it. that's our weekend. all i keep ranting about is SATC! i must see it again!


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Lots of fun. And good weather for it!


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