Thursday, June 12, 2008


happy Thursday!
last night was an eventful night...
We went to our HOA meeting for about an hour. Brandon and i then decided to go to Trader Joes and get dinner. well.. i was wearing a ton of bangles yesterday and i guess they did kind of sound like keys so needless to say we were locked out of our house around 8pm....i thought it was hilarious and Brandon was not happy. at first we were like "uhhh what do we do now? call a locksmith?". but then it kind of sank in like shit....we're really locked out of our own house. So, there is this window thing (i will have to take pics) that sticks out in our kitchen and i thought if i can get over the rails (P.S. we're on the second floor) i can fit in that window and get in. our cat was hilarious because she jumped up on the window that i was contemplating going through and meowed the whole time. she probably thought what the hell are they doing....
so anyway, Brandon pops the screen off and opens the window. it takes me a while cause i am terrified of spiders and i had to prep. i finally crawled to the other side and i swear it was like cliff hanger. (haha ok not really) i was leaning on the window and my feet were on the ledge. i finally got in the window and was seriously laughing the entire time. i cant believe:
1-we managed to break in to our house
2-we really locked ourselves out
and 3-how cheap we are for not calling a locksmith.

Oh what a night...More pics to come!!

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yiqin; said...

Wow, sounds crazy to break into your own house! But it must have been pretty fun too! :)


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