Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Happy Weds! Last night on the way home from dance the sky was gorgeous! it was like a painting..had to take a pic, of course..

The new dance routine was fun! I seriously am so happy that i am back in to dance!

Tomorrow is a Bekah's bday but since she is taking the day off we are celebrating today at work. I love Bdays! a few girls and i made her desk look like the birthday fairy vomited all over it. YAY! i love things like that. One more day......

Hiking tonight! YAY!


fashion herald said...

her birthday sunnies are very chic!

Carly said...

I love dance especially Hip Hop lol. I take it at Millenium Dance Studio, Where do you take yours?

If you want a fun work out with tons of hip hop music try out BodyTheory! I promise its like being in a club cuz the music is so loud!

surviving myself said...

I want those glasses.

enc said...

Bekah is lucky to have you for a friend. :)


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