Friday, July 11, 2008


Let me start off by saying Puerto Vallarta is amazing!! I had no idea what to expect but WOW! Our hotel was gorgeous and huge!! we stayed at the Vallarta Palace. It's an all inclusive resort right on the beach. So nice!
We did everything from an amazing 4 hour ATV ride in the rain (pics coming soon after the under water camera is developed) to an amazing adventure including, a boat ride, zip lining, mule riding, and rappelling down a waterfall and swimming in the waterfall pool. it was unbelievable. we were in the middle of the forest. The canopy tour was amazing and i recommend it to everyone! Let's see, we drank every single minute of every single day.....shot after shot after shot...we ate at the 4 restaurants the hotel had to offer and met for breakfast every morning. we danced every night. Sam and i did karaoke of course!! we went to the "Anything Goes" show at our hotel and made them pick my brother Derek who did not want to go as a volunteer. he had to model, sing, and dance. well Karma came around when they told the guys to pick out a girl from the audience....dundunduuuun, of course he picked me (the one who was yelling for him to be picked) and we had to do a push up contest with the girls on the guys back. pffft, we blew the other contestants out of the water with 20 push-ups! OH YAH! then i had to dress him up as a girl.....SO FUN!
The girls had spa day and the boys had golf day. Skinny dipping one night and night swimming when we're not supposed to another night. The weather was beautiful. There is such a culture shock when you go in to town. it's crazy how much we take for granted.....we met tons of great people and want to go back!!
All in all it was a GREAT Vacation. the best one yet!! 8 days and 7 nights in paradise......i took over 400 pics (not including the underwater cam) but you will only get to see a hand full.,,



enc said...

Fun! I'm jealous. I won't be going anywhere this summer.

Poetic Fashion said...

my boyfriend has been there and is always telling me we should go. after seeing your pics, i want to! i hope you post some pics of the rainforest and waterfall! i love your purple outfit too by the way ;)

marie said...

wow! great narrative and pics (as always)!


Thanks for the comment, you are so pretty, and I love the hat in your profile pic. xx


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Kira Fashion said...

so great people, place and fun!!!

a kiss

Bombchell said...

lovely pics. the couple dancing in the 3rd/ 4th to the last is so adorable

Times of Glory said...

Wowwwwwwwwwww! How great this holiday is! I totally totally envy you now xxxxx

pammish said...

nice fun photos!

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You have so many cute, fun summer looks here. Sounds like it was an amazing trip!! :) Thanks for the comment, sweetie.

Blonde hair, Blue jeans said...

oh, that beach looks so beautifuL!

Katelin said...

looks like one kick ass trip, definitely better than my puerto vallarta experience, haha.

Diabolina said...

found you through carrie. went to pv back in may and loved it too.

cute site.


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