Monday, July 28, 2008


Happy Monday!

9 of us went to the improv show. It was so much fun! we had such a great time! we all went back to our house and played drinking games!

Brandon, Angelique, Derek and I went to Eric's. we hung out and went swimming all day. YAY! We all jumped off his balcony and then Angelique and Eric decided to jump off the roof. no thanks.Video coming soon....crazy kids!
We had more people over for the UFC fight. we played more drinking games and rocked the Wii American Idol game! Brandon and i came downstairs Sunday morning and our living room was a huge fort. I dont know how the drunkees did it but it was hilarious! haha :)

Brandon, Angelique and I went to Derek's Bball game and then went to Buca's for dinner. it was early night for us. Excited for this weekend, but going to miss Brandon tonssssss!


brandon said...

how we made it through this past weekend i dont know but i am actually kinda glad the partying has slowed down just for a few days before we do it all over again!!! thanks for a fun filled weekend baby! and you better believe i am going to miss you WAY MORE!!! love you...

Katelin said...

sounds like a fun weekend! love the pictures :)

Songy said...

that looks like a massive house. gorgeous pool!
I was hoping to see you in a swimming gear... ^^

xxx songy

MadameDior said...

sounds like a very fun weekend, the pics are lovely =]


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