Thursday, August 28, 2008


last night was very interesting. drama with a capital "D".
after all the nonsense, Brandon, Mai and I went hiking. everything was normal. Brandon and Mai were running and i was huffing and puffing behind them when all of sudden a gynormous thing came out of the bushes. it was non other than a HUGE tarantula. WHAT?!?!?!? i am terrified of spiders. hi i'm brandi and i suffer from arachnophobia. Why did it have to come out in front of me? so needless to say i started screaming as if the thing attacked me and started choking me. i thought i was going to die. Brandon came over and i yelled for him to step on it. he must have looked at me like i was crazy because the hairy spider was bigger than a hand. BLEHHHHH! he threw a rock at it and the spider took off in to the bushes and it sounded like a lizard or something. EOWWWW!!!! god why do they exist? for what? No spider should 1. be that big and 2. be hairy!! sheesh! so after that we continued our hike and then went to Buca's with Angelique and Veronica. it was one hell of a draining night. we came home and i got in bed with my love and my cuddle bear.

cheers to thursday!

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brandon said...

buca's and stratty always make things better...


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