Friday, August 15, 2008


So..blah blah i am obsessed with nail polish. my new favorite color palette is anything NEON! mmmm i should have taken pics (of course my nails were painted last night) but i just had hot, hot, HOT pink on and got so many complements. yay people notice. well i notice.

Vogue states:
Gorgeous maxi dresses and denim festival frocks just won't cut it without a splash of neon nail enamel on your nails. Defying the rules of colour, they suit every skin tone. A stunning neon orange - try Lancome's vibrant Le Vernis in Orange Flurorama, £14 - or a shocking pink - China Glaze's Nail Enamel in Shocking Pink, £7.95 is unbeatable, 0113 2497025 - they will instantly lift a bronze tan or perk up a pale skin tone. Go one step in style and paint your toes too: think pop art for hands and feet

OPI is the BEST!


pearl said...

I love the obnoxiously bright colors. Especially the orange and pink, hot hot!

makemoremistakes said...

Thanks for the sweet comments girl! I do love me some nail polish, though I tend to rotate between black, black, light pink, red, and black. Hah. I hope you are well!


Miss G* said...

Neon colors are great! I prefer black, pink and red nailpolish. It's a fashion accessories!

Fashion Addict said...

Neon sounds really good, but I personally don't look that good in bright colors. I wish I could pull it off though!

BTW, would you like to link up with my blog?

WendyB said...

That blue looks good.

Songy said...

I'll go for green. How much do you pay there in the US for a jar of OPI?

enc said...

I'd love some neon colors. Orange, pink, green.


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