Monday, September 29, 2008

another monday....

Brandon and i had date night on Friday. Brandon made the most amazing pasta dinner with homemade sauce. mmmmmm, bell peppers, onions, goat cheese, heaven!
Sat-Brandon went to a Bachelor party all day.Bekah came over and we went shopping, ran errands and found her a place to live and it's ::::::drum roll:::::: right across the street from me!! YAY! can't wait to be neighbors! Saturday night we waited for Brandon and went to Sean's party. i havent been to a "house party" in a lonnnnnng time and everything was fine until a fight broke out in front of us and i freaked. we left right away. note to self-house parties with a bunch of randoms = drama. Bekah, Brandon and i went back to our house and we watched Borat and Brandon made the BEST mashed potatoes ever!!! random, but amazing!
Sunday i went to Joey's Baby shower. I can't believe Payton is almost here!!! Can't wait to meet her!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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marie said...

i have been in such a goat cheese phase lately - yummo!


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