Wednesday, September 3, 2008

bye bye holiday weekend!

hola fellow bloggers!

i hope you all had a great holiday weekend!!! any fun stories?

My weekend was so nice. Brandon and i had date night on Friday. i got off at 4 so i went to Longs to bye hair dye. MY FIRST MISTAKE! i really wanted to dye my hair an all over brown since it had the reddish tint from dying it too much going on. so i bought "Natural Brown" thinking it's ok if it's light i just want it all one color. So i put it on and i started packing for San fran. 25 mins goes by and it's time to wash it out. I get in the shower and it literally looked like Barney (yes the dinosaur) threw was purple madness in our shower. i tried not to freak out thinking i just died my hair purple. well, i get out and dry my hair and it's jet black!!!!!!! ugh! i know the box dye is no bueno but EFF! my hair is black! :( i want to cry. of course it was too late and i couldnt do anything about it all weekend. i feel gothic. and the bangs dont help. it's so much. Brandon likes it but i can't get used to it. i used to have my hair every color and now black is scary for me. not to mention my forehead was black for two days. terrible experience.
so anyway back to date night. Brandon and i went to the movies and had dinner. love!
Saturday we went to see my dad and then started our road trip to San Jose. we got there around 8 and hung out and went to a bar. sunday we woke up and went to San Fran. LOVE! i am such a city girl. give me tall buildings and people to look at and i am set. We walked around the piers and went for a yummy bloody mary. We ate at Cha Cha cha's on haight street and went back to Gina's house. we drank and hung out and played the WII!!!! love MarioKart!
Monday we hung out and went to Santana row for some shopping. we had a delicious margarita at a cute bar in the middle of the street.
Tuesday was race day. All the guys were so cute. Mark came in first and Brandon came in second. we raised a lot of money which was a huge success! Angelique and i got to sit inside the track and we were the Race for a Reason cheerleaders. The guys that worked there let me wave the white flag (last lap) and Angelique got to wave the checkered flag. it was so fun! The race ended at 8:30pm or so and we hung out for a bit and headed home. Brandon is a trooper! He raced for two hours and then had to drive 5 hours home. craziness. we got home so late and i am in serious drag mode right now.


Kira Fashion said...

so nice!!

Thanks for the great pictures, really fun!!

a kiss!!!

Shelley said...

You hair looks good in the pictures. And I love cities too. Lots of things to do.

enc said...

Not that it'll help, but you look great with that haircolor.

Anyway, with time, it'll begin to wash out. Don't worry.

Songy said...

I love your happy snaps! Nintendo wii is great isn't it?

Nothing wrong with the colour I think. As Enc says.. it fades.


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