Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sooooo Nostalgic!

OMG-i used to wear this perfume religiously. As if it was the only scent i could find. I used to carry the star shaped bottle in the small zipper pocket of my Jansport every day and spray it on before every class. Wow! I came across this pic and it made me smile and think back to how good my cheer uniform smelled. sighhhhhhhh.

The other well known scent that i can seriously smell from a mile away is Curve. OMG! i would love when all the boys would walk by in the halls of "M" bldg and it would smell like a bottle of curve threw up everywhere. yum! so funny how scents bring back so many memories and feelings.


la petite fashionista said...

ah my ex boyfriend i dated for 2 1/2 years would always wear curve. i can spot it on a guy from a mile away and always ask them if they're wearing it haha. you're right, it definitely evokes memories!


Nina said...

i love the smell of angel on other people but it doesn't smell good on me. :(

Emily said...

i doused myself in horribly sweet body shop oils like raspberry and peach...soooo gross thinking back on my fragrance choices.

enc said...

They say the olfactory is the strongest sense for memory-triggering. I believe it.

I used to wear Angel; boy did I love that scent.

So Stylish So Sassy said...

had both of these scents're so right, certain smells do take you back in time!

Songy said...

never thought it was my kind of scent but I'll have to try that someday. :)


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