Monday, September 22, 2008

wedding stuff

this was a crazy, busy weekend. Friday night Brandon and i had the best night! we BBq'd and hung out on our balcony all night, listened to music, ate, drank, and ate more. heaven. we were in need of a good night like that!
Saturday it was off to Lindsay's bachelorette party. we laid out in the pool, spa, got an hour massage and relaxed. after a fun day in the sun we got ready and went to Buca's for dinner. we seriously had enough food for all of LA. after dinner we went to a little bar in the valley (gasp) and then called it a night.
Sunday was Lindsay's bridal shower. so sweeeet! she got a thousand and one gifts. we played games, drank way too much champagne, ate and ate and ate and well you get the point. it was a beautiful weekend. Can't wait for the big day!!!
After the shower Brandon and i hung out, watched the Dallas game (GO DALLAS!) and BBQ'd and indulged in ice cream. perfect end to a great weekend.


yiqin; said...

Ohmy, wow, the cake looks awesome!!!

marie said...

lol you guys had paparazzi??

Katelin said...

looks like so much fun, i love the condom veil, haha. you guys are so cute.

enc said...

That sounds like a perfect weekend!

M* said...

Yes, it's been a busy weekend for you!


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