Monday, September 15, 2008

what a great weekend!

Friday night was girls night out! My wonderful "sister in law to be" invited us to the screening of The Duchess. We shopped and had yummy tiny cupcakes. There were different designers set up out front of the Paramount Theatre before the show and we got tons of free stuff. we got a huge free goody bag filled with tons of MARK makeup. I dont wear much makeup but i was so excited. Kira Plastinina had a booth there and i was in heaven. I LOVE her clothes!! I aso got a free sweater vest from Lily McNeal which i am in love with. We were at her booth and fell in love with how soft everything was and when we asked how much each piece was you could imagine our surprise when they said "it's free what size would you like?" EEEEEE! all smiles. i am in love with my vest. My girlfriends got a cute striped long sleeve which is also heaven.
after shopping for a bit we walked over to Lucy's for some dinner. we then went and saw the Duchess which was a little disturbing. great movie but i walked out really stressed. The wonderful event was put on by Paramount Vantage and it was fun!

Saturday was the AFSP walk. We all met in Santa Monica. The "go fast turn left" team rocked! we had 46 people in our group. it's such an honor to be involved in such a wonderful cause and i am so grateful for the wonderful turn out we had. it couldn't have been a more perfect day. we walked along the beach and then had everyone back at our house for a celebration and for Angelique's bday. YAY! it was an early night...

Sunday we all went to breakfast. After we ate Angelique, Vanessa, Brandon and I went to the park to feed the ducks. so nice. We got ice cream and laid on a blanket. heaven! after the park we went to see Burn After Reading which was interesting. Not sure how i feel about it yet. After the movie we all went to Buca's for a yummy dinner. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!! we were all burnt out and decided to rent a season of Family Guy and went back to our house and passed out. Such a great night.

happy Monday!!!


marie said...

woweeeeee! you make me miss LA!!

Kira Fashion said...

so cool!

I am glad you had fun!!!

a kiss!!!

enc said...

That all looks like loads of fun. Especially the free loot!

enc said...

How's your hair?

Songy said...

you always seem to have so much fun! someone has to have some fun after all. Your hair looks good. Are you feeling okay about it now?

Nina said...

how fun! how was the movie, btw?


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