Monday, October 20, 2008


i am sooooo busy! Happy Monday! my desk is starting to clear up but for a second i thought it was going to swallow me.

I surprisingly have zero pics from this weekend..but it was fun! Friday was "eh" and I already gave a brief overview here.
Saturday Brandon and I went up to visit my dad. we hung out with them for a bit and came home and took a nap. bad idea when the sun is already going down. we woke up around 7ish and got ready and went to Chili's with a few friends. we had a good random night. we hung out with some old highschool friends and talked about how scary it was that our ten year is coming up! EEEEK! we ended the night with a movie and taco bell in bed. mmmmmmm!
Sunday we went to the Yardhouse in Pasadena with Crystal and Coby for beer tasting. YUM! they have a cute sampler with six different types of beer. go fig that brandon forgot his wallet. UGH! it was so weird. i felt like i was dating a younger guy. hehe

Hope you all had a great weekend and have a good week!

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