Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Overflowin' with Swag

phew-we made it through Monday! :)

Weekend rewind:
Friday-Brandon and i went to the mall for a bit and then went to have some delish sushi. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! we went home and watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall which i loved.
Saturday-Brandon spent the entire day in the garage and i spent the entire day decorating. EEEEEEEE! i love Halloween! i am the Martha Stewart out of all of our friends and our house looks amazing! i have so many decorations and love the holidays! I walked over to see Bekah for a bit, YAY she's my new neighbor!!!

After the decorating and garage madness Brandon and i got ready for horror nights at Universal. We got our tickets for 8 dollars and had a good time. scary but fun!

Sunday-I met up with Mai and Jess and we went to The Farm for breakfast and walked around Rodeo drive. Jess has never been there and we had a good time. It was gorgeous out! of course we walked in to every store huffing and puffing over everything we couldn't afford, boo. one day!
I left Mai's and went to Buca's to meet up with the Scarpelli's. we ate and talked and Brandon and i went home and passed out.
hopefully this week goes by fast!

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