Monday, October 13, 2008


Happy Monday lovelies!

i feel like i have a black cloud over me and must dish.
So Thursday i am on my way to my uncle's house after work for Yom Kippur dinner. he lives in Hollywood so i had to take the 101 home which i never do. i am sitting in bumper to bumper traffic when all of a sudden someone slammed in to me and i went flying forward. thank god my foot was already on the brake but really we were going two miles an hour so you could imagine my surprise when the only car that seems to build up speed plows in to me and my poor car. it was an awful experience and as soon as she hit me i instantly started balling. i was scared, shocked, mad and so annoyed. my car is now in the shop and i have a dirty rental. going through all of this insurance stuff is such a hassle!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didnt go to work on Friday because i had to take my car in, go to the dr's, get x-rays, go back to the shop etc etc.

Friday night Beks and her new roomie Reyna came over and we drank wine and vegged for a bit. we then went to Pickwick's for a beer and did a yummy taco bell run. mmmmm

Saturday Brandon and I had a wedding to go to in SD. we had fun because we were there with Brandon's whole family and they are always a blast!

Sunday beks and I went to Veronica's and had total girl day. after 2 bloody Mary's, apple martini's, amazing food, 3 movies (27 dresses, Sweet home Alabama, and......The Notebook), and a few tears later we went home and crawled in to bed.

such a draining weekend. hopefully it's a better week and hopefully our poor car can be fixed soooooon.


Miranda said...

i'm so sorry to hear that you got hit! at least it doesn't seem too serious!
your dress is stunning though.
at least you look good? lol

♥ fashion chalet said...

oh no, :O( are you OK?

thanks for the comment, btw, sweetie. :)

xo/ fashion chalet

Belle Fantaisie said...

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marie said...

yuck! some lady rear-ended me too, but my trailer hitch messed up her car. there's one thing i don't miss about LA--traffic! but i do miss you!! hope the black cloud goes away soon..

saray said...

hope you are ok..

jaleh said...

oh man, being rear-ended is never fun.

but at least your dress is beautiful hahah

♥ Marta ♥ said...

OOOH nooo ... I am always scared of that happening, I hate when people tailgate, and in traffic I mean come on?... I am sorry that it ruined your weekend.
However, you look stunning in that dress :)

Danz said...

So sorry to hear about the accident. Glad you're alright and I hope you get everything sorted soon.
Your blue dress is gorgeous though!
Have a great day :)

Songy said...

Oh god.. that's terrible. Hope you didn't get hurt too much although you weren't driving fast.. still.

At least you had the driver there.
A few weeks ago, when I got out of my office I noticed that my car bumper was totally torn and crushed. Someone did a hit and run in the car park. Could you believe it?? Anyway, luckily someone saw the driver and left a note on my windscreen. The police is still investigating and we had to pay thousands of dollars still.. dang and I haven't been paid back.. so I totally feel your pain..

So Stylish So Sassy said...

oh dear...glad to see you're ok.

WendyB said...

That must have been scary!

* Fashion Dreamer * said...

Oh no, so sorry to hear about your accident, I hope you're ok. Looks like you had a fab time anyway though :o)


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