Monday, November 17, 2008

Drifting, sushi, smokey heatwave!

Happy Monday!! How was your weekend? Anything fun and exciting?

My weekend was a total guys weekend. Brandon bought us tickets for the Redbull Drift competition. it was me, Eric, Brandon and my brother Jered. it was in Long beach at a "secret" location. We parked at the convention center and got shuttled over a bridge in to the industrial port side. it was the coolest setting! Great for a photoshoot. :) we were having fun and had the best weather ever until the fires started. the sky filled up with creepy dark smoke and it started snowing ashes. we were covered and filthy. One of my favorite things ever is seeing Brandon in his element. (around cars) he is the cutest ever! he is so happy and so excited to show me everything. i LOVE it! we saw so many crashes but thank god everyone was ok.
We finally called it a day and went home and got ready for Taylor's bday in Santa Monica at Robata sushi. we had such a good time! :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
sunday we went back to Long Beach for the championship. the weather was much better but it was SO hot. we had a great day until my camera fell and broke. :( SAD, SAD day! It kind of works but it's just a matter of time. i feel like someone took my bestfriend away. must get a new BF!
Brandon and I had dinner with my parents and then called it a night. Brandon gave me a yummy massage before i slept like a baby! THANKS BABY!

Mixie Marie playing with a stuffed Scion. YAY!


ash said...

oh looks like you guys had a blast!!!

so sorry about the fires down there, stay safe:) Maegan said...

ooh, looks like fun {but hot}!!! great outfits too!

JEYQ said...

i love your b&w ensemble.

Nina (femme rationale) said...

you looked hot in your going out outfit (blk skirt/white top). and i love your pink dress. way to balance out the testosterone w/a feminine outfit. ;)

Krystal said...

that looks like a ton of fun girlie xx

ANDY said...

You look so cute on that high waisted skirt, its crazy! :)



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