Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas time!

Happy Monday! Although i loved the long weekend i wish i had this week off. I think i have a stomach flu or something and it's not meshing well with being at work. boo.

anywho-MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope you all had a fabulous holiday! what did you get?
Brandon and I had a great Christmas. We got all kinds of great things for our house, clothes, books, tons of gift cards, scarves and..........BIKES! YAY! so exciting! We have wanted bikes so bad and we finally got them. My dad and step mom bought them for us and they are so fun. We went on a long bike ride on Saturday morning and go figure when we are at the furthest point from our house Brandon's back tire goes flat. UGH!*$*@#) we had to walk the whole way back. not fun. We had a great Christmas break filled with family and friends. we had people over every night for some amazing WII American Idol. yah we pretty much rock! hehe. I will post videos later.

XOXOX YAY for a short week and NEW YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!

What are your plans for NY's Eve?

Our NEW bikes!!!!!

watching the Cowboys suck ass! :(


Fashion Therapist said...

Great Christmas pics!! Sounds like you guys had a great one.

Katelin said...

aw what fun pics and yay for bikes. glad you had such a wonderful christmas!

Alexa said...

whaaaat. i totally had $$ on the cowboys going to the super bowl! ha


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