Wednesday, February 4, 2009


ok, ok-i guess it's not really a present when i paid for it but since i ordered it soooo long ago i feel like it's present since i just got it today! i ordered this pretty necklace from Miju and i LOVE it!! i was going to get my initials but seeing that i would be rocking a necklace that says "BS" i thought why not do something that includes my hunny. so i did Big "B" and little "b". EEEEE! last week i ordered a shirt and boots and was so disappointed. the boots were no where near a size 7 (possibly could be a size 10) and the shirt would have been ok if i were in to the girls gone wild look. UGH! but then i just got my necklace and feel at ease with online shopping again. YAY!

Happy hump day!

If i make rings tonight i will for sure post an "how to" for you! XOXOX


F Blog said...

Thanks for the comment!
Cool blog and I love your rings!

STARR said...

It's so cute! haha bs that made me laugh and now I feel so mature :P

yiqin; said...

Ah so gorgeous!

essenceanddesire said...

I love the necklace, it's so cool!


Dana said...

Aaaw I love it!

Yes, I know, I love her long dark hair too!

closeup said...

aww looks great!!

Rosanna said...

these are really cute!!!



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