Sunday, March 22, 2009


Happy Monday! what a fun weekend! we went to the comedy club with some friends Friday night. It was funnier than ever and we had a great time. it's similar to Whose line is it anyway and i decided to yell out "Joshua Jackson" for a male celebrity and after i was made fun of; thanks Brandon, they got it in 10 seconds. who knows of Joshua Jackson besides me and gorgeous footsteps in the sand? hehe ;) anywho- we had to wake up so early on Sat (7:30AM early) because we were having our house cleaned. it's Beautiful!!!! Brandon had guy's day and I had a "ME" day. I shopped and cleaned out my closet. i really didn't know what was in the corners of my closet and found so many cute shirts i had completely forgotten about. yay! it took me forever to clean out but so worth it. pics below! Sat night we went to hang out with our good friends and saw "I Love You Man". soooooooo funny! highly recommended if you want a fun movie. Sunday Brandon and I slept in---sighhhhhhhh and went for a morning run. it was so windy outside. very hard to run. after our workout we went to Ventura to visit my dad and step mom. they are so funny. it was good to see them! i hope my dad gets better soon!!

From b

From b

Hope you all had a great weekend!


C&C said...

jeeez woman you basically own a mall in your home lol but i love it! I'm glad to see someone that has more handbags shoved into nooks over her closet..hehe

Linda Famularcano said...

Loving that blue and black check shirt. I know of Joshua Jackson! Hot guy. Dawson's Creek. Impressive wardrobe items btw. (^_^)

Trace said...

LOL at Joshua Jackson!! I still have a crush on him. What a hottie. I was the biggest DC fan EVER, it was so so bad...

Amazing closet woman!

brandon said...

based on the 3 comments you received, i dont ever wanna hear you say you have nothing to wear! all of 3 comments say you have an amazing closet!

Katelin said...

oooooh i would totally know josh! mmmm. heart him.


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