Wednesday, March 18, 2009


so first things first, Emmy Rossum is HOT!! girl crush! i love the cute little shorts and must buy a pair, soon. ohhhh if only there was shopping money in my account. sighhhh.

second-it's 81 degrees today! YEEHAW! i can't wait for summer time! the smell of suntan lotion makes me happy and i am counting down the days where i can live in my bikini. ugh which reminds me i need to go bikini shopping. yah about that empty bank account....UGH! But, i am happy that we have a few months left until the summah time so i can get rid of my "winter weight" and focus on toning alll the right spots. ;) starting today!!!

sooo tired and would rather be doing this.....


oh and we played with Angelique's photo booth yesterday and decided to bring in a very special guest:

this is my very bestfriend, Mixie Marie. :)


Winnie said...

Seems like everyone is having lovely weather today! Cute cat pics!

seriouslyright? said...

BAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Omg Mixie pics just make my day!

p.s. bikini bods started a little while ago...give us credit :)


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