Thursday, March 26, 2009


Happy almost Friday! Thank god the weekend is almost here! it has been a lonnnnnnnng week. work has been SO busy and it's been a weird emotional week. bleh. i can't wait for the weekend to just relax. ;)
Brandon is out for the night (boo) and i was planning on working out with a girlfriend of mine and then going to grab something to eat. go figure the BF took my car and his keys so i am stuck at home. ugh buuuuut sitting in my workout clothes with a glass of wine isnt so bad. teehee'

From b

hope you are all having a great week!

watching Father of the Bride 2 and i can't stop crying! wtf? seriously why am i so EFFIN emotional? ugh!
i miss the bf. wish he was here. sad.


Natalie M.P. said...

Wine can make anything look better.

brandon said...

sorry about last night love. i love u and know we'll still have a good weekend!

p.s. the weather is supoosed to be amazing so i think we are gonna have to go for a bike ride!

Katelin said...

i agree, wine makes it all better! :)


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