Wednesday, April 1, 2009


APRIL is here! it's my Bday month and it's April Fool's today! woooo! i am the worst at pulling pranks but i always love to hear great stories. have you ever pulled off a good April fool's prank?

Have a great Wednesday!


sueper said...

goofy but pretty face

JGeb said...

I called my dad today and told him I fell down the steps and needed to taken to the ER. I felt so bad, I guess it was a little bit cruel.

Winnie said... April Fools pranks today. That photo is cute!

Katelin said...

april is my birthday month too! yay for april babies! :)

F Blog said...

ahh i never pull pranks either!
cute photo!

closeup said...

unfortunately not :( but yaaay for april- spring is comming :)

Eeli said...

Thanks hun! I'm pretty much digging yours too! haha. April Fools pranks eh? My flat totally forgot about it this year (I blame guy sleeping in our living room hmph) but we're thinking of doing a month long prank fest here. We've discussed the options.

1. Retrieving whites and yolk of egge and replacing with something strange like fake blood and reselaing it.

2. Doing the ol pretend defecation prank and leaving that faux nasty near the toilet bowl one 'drunken' night proclaiming we'd missed haha

I could go on but it would be a bore lol. So glad tohave found you :)


Kira Fashion said...

So cool!

You look so fun :)

Kisses and kisses,


Ediot said...

ive never. i suck so bad at that.. always do the same..every year. and nobody believes me. i want to change the april fools day. everybody is sceptical to everything that day

Nina (femme rationale) said...

it's my bday month, too!

Maverick said...

Hahaha, cute! I didn't pull any pranks, but I hope you had funnn! :)

xx. mavi


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