Thursday, April 2, 2009


sooooooo since my birthday is on Monday, (EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE), i thought it would be fun to look online and make a wish list. sighhhhhhh if only i could buy it all. ok so here it goes:

this shirt:

love this shirt and skirt-

NastyGal-(besides everything from their site, here are some of my favs):

these glasses ♥

this yummy dress

anything floral printed

this fur coat (i know it's spring and all but YUM)

New Cam's:

a new bathing suit" VS:

This apron from Etsy:

black heels:

Sewing machine:

this room:

Marc sunnies:

Wango Tango tickets:

And anything with diamond's since it IS my birth stone. ((cough cough))

and so much more!


JGeb said...

I've been obsessing over that F21 skirt for a while. Hope you get lots of great stuff...happy birthday weekend!

Katelin said...

love the list. and love that etsy apron, so so cute. and that f21 skirt too. love it.

happy early birthday. yay april birthdays! :)

Twobreadsplease said...

Love the list. Nasty gal brings me so much joy and yet so much pain as I can rarely afford anything and the good stuff goes so quickly. I'd love a new camera too but my birthday is 8 months away. I hope you have a good one! x

Maverick said...

The Motherfucker tee shirt is hilarious!! I want it!! I was thinking it might be cooler if it said "Bad Motherfucker", though...nevermind! I'm weird. hahaha

What brand sewing machine is that?

LoveMore said...

oh happy birthday! how old? love your wish list! i want it all myself :)

thanks for your comment!! love bel xxx

Maggie May said...

must must have that skirt!!

Blicious said...

Thanks for the comments! <3

Mav-I dont know what brand it is. i just pulled it off Target i think. i really want one. do you know of any good brands?

LoveMore-i'm turning the big 26. EEEE late 20's!

So Stylish So Sassy said...

My bday is coming up too...Happy BDAY sister ARIES! Hope you enjoy your weekend, BEST WISHES!

10.15, saturday night said...

i love everything! but especially the forever21 skirt.

damn american shipping charges!

hope you have a great birthday.


Christine said...

I just found your blog and love it. :) This list is awesome.


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