Monday, April 13, 2009


HAPPPPPPY MONDAY BLOG WORLD! I am wide awake (well i give the coffee and the extra hour of sleep and coming in to work late the credit but who's asking.....) and wanted to share with you all what a perfect weekend I had! Friday night Brandon and I had the greatest ♥ date night ♥ we both got out of work at 12:30 and went to the mall to shop. we shopped for hours and as we were trying to leave, the car would not start. ARGHHHH! let me just say for the record (for the recooooooord-haha angelique) that I HATE CARS! something is always wrong and a pain in the a$$ to fix! well my parents came to the rescue and thank god all we needed was a new battery. phewwww So from the mall we went to Fridays for drinks. mmmm long island. Brandon and I went home and got ready for sushi. mmmmmmmmm we had the best night together! it was one of those nights that keeps you smiling the next morning!
Saturday we ran some errands and went back to the mall. i know....psycho! ;)after a relaxing day at home we met up with Brandon's fam for dinner and then went out with some friends. great night!

EASTER Sunday-HAPPY EASTER TO YOU ALL!-we got up way too early, 7:00 to be exact (thanks Angelique ;) ) and we went bike riding with my parents from Santa Monica to Venice. we had lunch in Venice and enjoyed the beautiful weather. it was GORGEOUS out! so....what happens when you are having a great day and you have the feeling that nothing can ruin it? something happens!!!! on our way back one of my pedals fell off!$*!!!!!?? what? how does that happen? so needless to say we had to walk quite a few blocks back to the car. ohhhh geeeez. it's always something i swear. after Venice we went to visit my dad and he got me the best birthday present ever!! a sewing machine! EEEEEEEEEEEEEE! i have NO idea how to work it but i can't wait to learn! DIY projects coming soon (well maybe not too soon, teehee but they are coming!)
after hanging out with my dad we went home and got ready to hang out with Ness! SHE'S IN TOWN AND WE ARE ALL SO EXCITED! we went to a bar to have a few drinks and then went to Clear. ummmmmm note to self to never go out on Easter Sunday. of course i wasnt expecting lines down the block but i also wasnt expecting there to be 5 people, literally FIVE people in the bar. sighhhh. i still had a good time hanging out with all the besties! ♥

Hope you had a great weekend!


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seriouslyright? said...

um, sorry about the early rising yesterday but you know NESS IS IN TOWN!! woop woop!

Had so much fun!! :)

Kira Fashion said...

I am so happy you had a great time! You look lovely!!!
Also love your purse below, the jacket is amazing too!



Secretista said...

Sounds like you had a good weekend.

Hippie Frou Frou said...

Great layering, lovely style!

hello from Hippie frou frou!



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