Thursday, April 9, 2009



seriouslyright? said...


oh and p.s. sweet header :)

blacktobianco said...

oooo i want those lace pants

thanks for the comment on my blog x

hippyhippychic said...

gorgeous images.
wish it was warm enough to wear hotpants!!
great blog
(: x

Maverick said...

I love these! The lace leggings are so pretty.

Eeli said...

Geez! Can you add me on the obsessed band wagon? lol

Those girls are seriously some HOT stuff! :)

Eeli xx

Iole said...

just stopping by to say hi!
lovely blog

Winnie said...

Fab photos. Oh those leggings are super cool.

Ediot said...

OH MY. ive seen those first two pics a million times. but i still love them. so pretty!

Emerson said...

amazing photos

F Blog said...

those lace pants are killer! loving these images!!


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