Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Today during lunch the girls and I were talking about........MARRIAGE! weddings, rings, dresses, the proposal, the new house, ring upgrades...blah blah! should he know what kind of ring you want or should it be a surprise? seems to be the main thing we all talk about almost every day. i say almost every day because the other major conversations are about babies, giving birth, pregnancy clothes etc, etc. Today we were talking about how much a guy should spend on your engagement ring. Sure the "tradition" is for him to spend 2 months pay...but now a days (unless he is making 10 g's per month) what can he get without financing it and really, who wants another bill? i feel bad for guys but then again it's like us girls are programmed to only think about finding the ONE, getting married, having babies and living happily ever after so why aren't the guys programmed to save up every penny earned to make those dreams come true? why is it that most guys are clueless about rings? when you talk about different cuts, carats or say the word platinum they gasp out of amazement and confusion. I am not complaining just simply got my wheels spinning during lunch. I have been with my BF for 6 years (in May) and any time i tell someone that the first thing they ask is....."Why aren't you guys married yet?!" The "tradition" is to date for a certain period of time and then get married right? well what is the right amount of time? if you know you are going to spend your life with that person regardless then why is there a time limit? of course i WANT to get married and be engaged but it's just not that time yet. people look at B and i like we are so "behind" when really we are 26, own a condo and have lived together for 5 years. i dont think that's behind at alllllllllll! do you? haha I mean if we are basing our lives off tradition Brandon and I should not be living together...yet. right? so who knows what is the correct time line or the right amount of money to spend but EFF tradition....for now at least. teehee.

My future sister in law (EEEEEEEE) and her friend have a blog Crystal and Diamonds that is a great read for any girl who is obsessed with weddings! Her friend has also been dating her BF for 6 years and can't wait to be engaged and my sis IS engaged and wedding plans are full speed ahead! EEEEE can't wait! hope you like!

Here's a great article to see if you're guy is ready: are you ready to propose?


Dana said...

I think you are just great, you are a lovely couple, you look great together!

You guys should get married when you want and feel ready!



Katelin said...

i don't think there's really a time stamp on couples to get married any more. but that's just me :)

seriouslyright? said...

um....I'm not engaged..

ooooooooh THAT future sister-in-law



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