Friday, May 1, 2009


Last night Angelique and I went to Clear in Studio City. it's a cute place but interesting crowd on Thursdays. We had a great time laughing, telling guys we were Mormon and having arranged marriages! BAHAHAHAHAHA and the kicker-they BELIEVED us! ohhhh man. ;) the sad highlight for the night aside from the free drinks was seeing Chad Michael Murray. ummmm why is he at Clear in Studio City on a thurs? so random right?! i wanted to call him Loukas Scott. hahahahahaha good o'le LA.
HAPPY FRIDAY!! hope you all have a great weekend! i am going on 4 hours of sleep and can't wait to have a nice relaxing night. XOXO

so i'm looking on JustJared and found this....interesting because he was not with this "fiance" last night nor did it look like he was in a relationship. eowwww.


loves.... said...

lol - you guys always have such fun

seriouslyright? said...

I mean we had those guys going for a good 20 minutes, until I got tired of being mormon...

"so what if I told you this whole time I was lying?"

-"um, it was nice meeting you girls.."


Kathy said...

Thank you for the comment! Love your heder it's stunning!

boubou said...

hello ! i just pass to tell you that i find your blog very inspiring ;)

a très bientot !


Emz said...

That looks like so much fun! Chad Michael Murray is such a cutie =)


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