Monday, May 11, 2009


happy monday! How was your weekend? we had a good weekend. holidays are always rough since we have 3 houses to hit but we made it out alive yesterday. :) we saw Brandon's mommma first and then went to visit my dad and step mom and then ended the night with my mom and step dad's. good times!

so i went to Michael Levine's during lunch today and literally felt like i walked in to DIY heaven. i have been there before but never to just browse. it's always been for work or something so this time i got to look for me. looking through hundreds of buttons, charms, fabrics and $45 dollars later i walked out with a baggy full of goodies and can not wait to update my Etsy shop!!! sighhhhhh!! Please check out my site!!!

Hopefully this week goes by fast! ;)


becca. said...

lovely photos, your really pretty :)
thankyou for the comment,
i'll add you to my links to, and you need to add me :)
have a lovely day xo

Big Daddy said...

love your outfit in the second one, cute shoes too!!

STARR said...

Looks like a fun time :)

Katelin said...

oh love the outfits, such stylin ladies.

Kym said...

sounds like a funfilled weekend :) i only have to go to two sides for holidays and that's already tiring so i can imagine how it is for you to go to three! hehe ;) can't wait to see what new creations you'll come up with with your new goodies.


Fierce girl!


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