Tuesday, June 16, 2009

7 things on my mind

1. Brandon and I finally had a great night. we got to watch TV, hang out on the couch and B made us a yummy dinner. i didn't realize how much i missed that.
2. I wish more than anything that our lame medical system would just give us the cure for cancer. i know it's out there! Seeing someone you love in so much pain is the worst feeling and i know that there is something that can be done. sad.
3. I woke up at 5 this morning to work out before work and it felt so good!!
4. I love everything about freshly painted nails.
5. I have the best Friends a girl can ask for. Brandon and i are so blessed to have each other and to have a great support system with people that truly care.
6. Kinda excited for the Lakers parade tomorrow since it's going to be right around the corner from my office. LA rocks!!
7. Dying to see the Hangover.



deep_in_vogue said...

I know, I really want to see the Hangover too. Once you do, don't forget to post a review (without spoilers) :)

Nasty Gal said...

Hey Brandi,

Thanks so much for visiting our blog!

xo Nasty Gal

Katelin said...

oh yes see the hangover, it's hilarious. and i love nights in with the boy watching tv, they truly are loverly.

Toni Tones said...

uhh...do a write up once u do, heard only good things bout the movie x

yiqin; said...

Aww I love that photo :)


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