Tuesday, July 28, 2009

dance dance revloution

*f21 TANK

hi guys!! sorry for being MIA! i missed you!

Brandon left me for the weekend to go river rafting for my brother's bachelor party. he said they had a great time but i am soooo happy he's home!!!
My weekend consisted of-dinner with friends, baby shower, swimming, dinner with more friends, The ugly truth, hanging with my mom, visiting my dad.
Sunday i saw my dad and i got oooooobbber depressed. i hate seeing him in pain and i broke down. hard. i couldnt stop crying to save my life. i got home and could not think of anything positive. it was awful! B finally came home and i was so happy to have him back. sighhh
yesterday we took the day off for personal reasons. it was nice to relax and take care of things we needed to take care of. So here i am back at work with a thousand things to catch up on. i love being busy but can not seem to really focus. UGH! I'm starting dance classes tonight and i couldnt be happier. i need to start doing things that make me happy. that i love and miss. so today it is! yay!!!
tomorrow is a huge day for my dad so please send all the happy thoughts you can!



marie said...

well i saw the caption dance dance revolution on my blog list and i had to click on it, because i really like that game, but i haven't played it in years! i'm sorry to hear that things haven't been the greatest, but you definitely sound like you have a level head on your shoulders, so rock on! i'm here sending you lots and lots of happy positive vibes from the east coast, all the way to the west coast. take care always and i hope this wheel turns sooner than later and brings you right back to the top.

Blicious said...

hi love! thank you for the sweet message! fingers crossed everything goes well today! XOXOXOXOX
miss you!


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