Wednesday, July 1, 2009


B and i had a spare of the moment date night. it wasn't the worlds greatest day but the bf made it all better. we went to a new cheap sushi place in Sherman Oaks and we also went to the Hookah bar next door called Diablos. (fierce name, i know.) so random but we had a great time! i got really light headed and decided i don't like the hookah but i was having a great time with the smoke. Oh and it smells amazing. :)we were going to stop off at the Jackson's home but it was so crowded and i was too light headed. :( oh well.

wearing: DIY shirt, 7 jeans, DIY ring (for sale on my Etsy), House of Harlow ring, fedora found in SF boutique, Marc Jacobs flats, Guess bag.


Linka said...

I love your top! You have such a great blog--it's real!

Be sure to check mine out when you have the time.

HeatherB said...

I'm the same with with hookah. Love the smell and making o's with the smoke... but really don't enjoy it and always feel sick.

Toni Tones said...

i love that ring and yayyy 4 shisha said...

color name of polish? love it!


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