Tuesday, July 7, 2009

is it 5 yet?

i can't wait to go home and snuggle with the bf. i missssssssss him!

i need a dress like this. does anyone know where i can find something similar?pc:papertissue
have a great night lovies!


E said...

It looks gorgeous. I wish I did!

Riot Report said...

enjoying your blog...

thx for sharing.


STARR said...

It is really pretty. Maybe try ebay? :P

Winnie said...

Oh that dress is so beautiful! I hope you manage to find something like that.

heisschic said...

love the new header- as always.

what software do you use to create the mastheads?

Cassie Holder said...

I just JUST saw a dress sooo similar to this at forever 21! reminds me of my wedding dress too:) one of them anyway..i wore my grandmothers at my reception- very very similar


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