Friday, July 31, 2009

tie dye 2009


i took an INTENSE cardio kickboxing class last night and i literally thought i was going to pass out. or throw up. i made it through the class but it was definitely hard to walk back to my car. while i was working out i came to the decision that i wanted to tie dye stuff so i went to Michael's and bought a bunch of stuff and my first project is the cutie patootie tote bag! what do you think??


i also made an apron (figured i would want to cook more) but it's not finished. i will post pics soon!


***best part of my we were doing swing kicks the whooty song came on! priceless. i was laughing so hard on the inside of course cause i could barely breath!

if you haven't heard this song pleaseeee listen

Whooty- Main - E Dubb

There is an AMAZING video on Youtube that i will post when i get home! our friends call me whooty ((((white girl with a booty))) teehee!


The Socialite said...

I love kickboxing class! Nothing kicks your butt more than that class! I confess sometimes I have to take a breather and think to myself "that instructor is psycho!"...haha


Kym said...

ooo lala! you did a great job with that tote! very subtle colors! :) and cardio kickboxing.. i did it once and i felt the same way. 10 minutes in i wanted to collapse and the instructor goes "and that concludes the end of our... WARM UP" i almost fainted. hahaha!

prettypleasure said...

omg i would love to ... but i have no money at the moment babe.
follow me and ill follow u?
x Maegan said...

oh man I had a Guess bag in the 80's that looked so similar to this ...although it was teal. I keep forgetting to look through my old stuff to find it again. I hope I still have it. Nice job!!

stepfabulous said...

Thanks so much for your sweet comment and stopping by! I love all the pics you post! Makes for a fab blog!

Nadege said...

sweet blog - luv this t-dye tote.


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