Friday, July 10, 2009

up/down/bang bang

i need YOUR help!

i am in a wedding in a few weeks (well more like 7) and i am not sure how to wear my hair. the dress is a gorgeous deep pink tube top. i have been growing my hair out (ie-bangs) and i am dying to cut it. i want straight bangs again but I'm not sure if i should wait until after the wedding. Should i leave my hair long so i can have an awesome updo or should i cut it and wear it down? the bride to be is awesome and wants us to do what we want. :)



Mary said...

i would wait to cut your hair til after the wedding because you can do so much with it and have more options. all these pictures have beautiful styles!

Maritess said...

I think you should wait till after the wedding to cut your hair.. At least that way you have more options for styles.. I like the picture on the top right with the side bun and the side swept bangs.. It's very classy and elegant


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