Friday, August 14, 2009

and the giveaway goes to..........

CONGRATULATIONS to the wonderful Grace from Squarectomy for winning the Chickdowntown&Blicious giveaway!!!!

Grace said...
I adore the cloud wash! I like my jeans with some personality.I know how wonderful it makes me feel to look at my posts and see that someone has left me a comment. And that is why I love leaving comments on other people's blog. It's encouraging to get positive feedback and it gives you that push to keep posting!Love Grace

Thank you all for the wonderful comments! i loved reading each and every comment about why you love reading blogs.
the reason I love reading blogs is:
getting to know all of you, being inspired by every ones fashion styles, reading how your weekends were, getting different ideas for things to buy, places to travel too, places to eat at, enjoying all the pictures everyone posts, seeing all the truth behind your posts, and following you through you online journey! i LOVE reading blogs and i am so thankful you read Blicious!


brandon said...

congrats GRACE! I know how excited Blicious (whooty, lover face, the gf, my other half, lil b...etc) has been to announce the winner so i hope you enjoy the prize! also, great answer to her question...i even told her how much it reminded me of what she would write if she were asked the same thing!

help spread the word about as i know she will have other give aways in the near future on top of her ever so special blog updates!

Blicious said...

baby, i love you! you are such a cute Blicious promoter!!!

Nubiasnonsense said...

OO man I didnt check on time lol Hope I make the next one, Congrats to the winner!! =)

Grace said...

God you are amazing! I am so so excited. Thanks a billion and one!

And I meant every syllable of my answer.

Love Grace.

seriouslyright? said...

RIGGED!!! hahaha congrats to the weener :)


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