Friday, August 7, 2009

me-"at this point you can just propose to me on this couch". boyfriend-"can we at least pull out the bed"? ----it's a couch bed.

TGIF bitches!!!!!!!! ;)
i am so happy it's Friday! last night B and i made stuffed bell peppers. mmmmmm shredded chicken and my favorite rice. YUM!


we watched The Mighty heart and yowzers it's sad. :( So you think you can dance was AMAZING!!! i would love to go on that show! sighhhhhhhhh.

this weekend we are:
*watching my besties dance show tonight in Venice!
*taking pics all weekend long
*partying with work peeps
*hangin with fam
*being thankful i'm not sick anymoreeee!
*being goofy
*dreaming about bangs

Have a great weekend bloggers! XOXO


♥Aubrey said...

Party it up!!! Now that pic with the girl lifting her rear in the air by balloons...gonna have to try that :)- Have a FAB.U.LOUS weekend and picture it up.

seriouslyright? said...

I want that RING!!!!


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