Thursday, October 1, 2009

ikea happy

Boyfriend and I went to Ikea last weekend after i tried to talk him in to things we "needed" for our house. We got a bunch of great ideas but only ended up buying a beautiful bathroom rack for our master bathroom and a new rug (that mixie happens to love). we went with black becuase the tile in our bathroom has black in it and it makes the colors pop. we've decorated both guest bathrooms but havent touched ours except for remodling our gorgeous shower. i should take pictures to show you. it's huge and wonderful! so here's our new rack that i am in love with!!

i love buying things for our house (almost as much as buying things for me to wear). ;)

HAPPY OCTOBER!! 2009 is flying by! EEEEEKKKK! cancun in 30 days! ♥


Elliot Swan said...

i love your cat. he looks handsome haha :)

brandon said...

***AHEM*** Mixie is a beatiful full figured woman who celebrated her 36th Birthday (in cat years) this past August...Happy Belated Birthday Stratty Face! Oh...and she is 20lbs of nothin but gushy love!

lara said...

I love ikea!!!and great blog!!!
Thanks so much for your comment.

marie said...

how fun! i have been obsessed with buying house things lately. it always seems like things will fill up the space when i buy them, but then i get home and i feel like it's so little!

Couture Cookie said...

I want that rack too! IKEA has really great stuff, too bad it's such a hassle getting there if you don't have a car!

Sarah said...

Looks great, and your cat is a total cutie!

Kym said...

ikea's great isn't it!? and yes, designing your home is always so much fun!!! happy october to you too! :)

SUGAR said...

i very much heart ikea, and your bathroom looks amaazing! ;)



So nice place!
All is so organized and the cat is so cute!

Have a great weekend friend!

sue said...

cut -love making things cozy too


Cute cat!
IKEA is great, I love to walk for hours through IKEA with my boyfriend! =) pretty rack!


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