Thursday, November 19, 2009


**hey guys.....please welcome my adorable, hot, sexy and smart guest blogger. he's got a passion for cars (((and me))) and is proud to show off his work. He's so talented and i hope you guys enjoy all the hard work from the WebRidesTV crew!

Once a year, the Las Vegas Convention Center is swarmed with the latest and greatest automotive related toys. This week long madness is referred to as, the SEMA Show (Specialty Equipment Market Association)., a racing and automotive enthusiasts’ web-based home away from home, makes the trek out to Sin City once a year to capture every moment from start to finish with a full blown video production. Most every aftermarket manufacturer or car company brings out a vehicle to showcase their products and/or services. Mind you, this show isn’t open to the public. This is strictly open to wholesalers, buyers and fellow manufacturers. If you love cars, this is the one event you DON’T want to miss! There is almost 2,000 different exhibitors so does an annual ‘Top 10 of SEMA’ showcase so anyone who wasn’t able to make it, gets the gist of what they sadly missed out on. Check out this years ‘Top 10 of SEMA’!!!!!!

Produced by Brandon Scarpelli & Brent Burghdorf

Written by Brandon Scarpelli & Brent Burghdorf

Filmed by Steve Davis

Edited by Steve Davis

-Brandon Scarpelli


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