Wednesday, December 30, 2009

in 2010 i will...........

Here is a list of all my wants/ dreams/ hopes for the New Year!

♥ Dance every week
♥ continue to stay away from fast food. sick!
♥ try (keyword-try) to stay away from buying black clothing--dresses, shirts, jackets etc. my closet has 10% color and that needs to change.
♥ I hope my daddy has a better year with no pain and no chemo!!!!
♥ i will sew more with my beautiful sewing machine!
♥ I want boyfriend and I to have the best year of our lives.
♥ I hope that everyone in my life stays happy and healthy!
♥ I will not let my creepy stalker bother me. if she wants to copy my blog and dish the nasty attitude then so be it. i hope she turns in to a lady soon.
♥ I want my Etsy shop to be bigger and better in 2010!
♥ I want to spend more time with boyfriend in our cute house.
♥ I want to save enough money for our big Euro trip.
♥ I want my job to be just as fun and amazing as it was last year!
♥ I will try to be less stubborn and more open to the ones closest to me.

What are your New Years resolution's??

♥have a great day!


brandon said...

wow thats a great list! DITTO on everything but would also like to add a few...

-Buy myself a fast car
-Officially turn the Civic into a track monster
-Fix the shifter kart so I fit!
-BUY TONS OF JDM T-Shirts & HATS!!!!
-Cook more healthy food & not comfort food
-Race on a track at least once a month
-Become a better listener
-Donate more to charity

well....thats it for now...i'm sure i will come up with more!

Love you Blicious!

Couture Cookie said...

You can never dance enough if you ask me! Here's to a happy 2010! xo

Maritess said...

ur new year's resolutions are great!I need to start putting my own list up soon! And ew, nasty stalker. don't worry too much about her, she's prolly just jealous and insecure and is only projecting those insecurities on you. Hope you have a great new year!! And good luck with your resolutions!

Jenn said...

i love that your boyfriend commented that he wants to get engaged next year. you really have a keeper! :)

and i'm totally with you on the no more black clothes thing. aside from the snarky comments my mother in law makes about "do you own any colors?" it would be nice to spice it up :)

Elizabeth said...

im not really sure what my list of resolutions are yet...haha
i love your blog! :)

Julia said...

I hope you can keep all of your resolutions and have a great New Year! I'm still thinking of mine.


Tights Lover said...

Great list.

I guess mine would be to spend a smaller percentage of my income on lingerie this year...hahaha!

Fashion Therapist said...

Fantastic list....I've got to get a start on mine.

anacecilia said...

love your list and your bf next to this one too :) you are both to adorable hope you do have a great new year and that they just keep getting better, for your family as well, and for stalker kid, i know what you mean but you must ignore the ignorance it only holds you back and its such a waste of time, dont waste your time on crap like taht be positive happy new years!!! and for your etsy i have been eying some rings and ass soon as i can pay of my bank i will buy them!!

brandon said...

well considering we are going into the year 2010, i thought it would be appropriate that I be the *10th* comment on this it post.....number 10....ok thats it. love you.

Britters said...

I love it!!! I am so with you on black. I have to actively make myself avoid black and grey...ugh its SOO hard!!

<3 you!!!

Tania-Dreams2009 said...

Love your list! You and your man are too cute!

marie said...

woohoooooooooooooooo to both Bs!!! =)

♥Aubrey said...

Ummm...more kisses of course :)- Lol

Have a wonderful New Years hun!!!

Anonymous said...

your outfit is super cute! happy new years!


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