Tuesday, December 22, 2009

♥ red.white.bsquared.friends.family.♥

Brandon and I had our Holiday party with our besties and the theme was red and white!! We had so much fun with our friends as ALWAYS but what is a good party without a little bit of naughtiness and drama?? ;) everyone showed up in red and white and it made me love our friends and family even more! i love when people call us and ask what the theme is! they just know. :) i didnt take that many pics (((GASPPPPP i know))) but i know other cameras were there so hopefully more pics come my way. ♥




Jenn said...

what a great idea for a party - love it! yuo look adorable & i love the guys in the robes with the funny boxers. classic!

brandon said...

what a party it was! Now I just want to give you your presents! Let's see if I can make it until xmas morning until giving you your first one!

Sweet Nothings said...

oh what fun!!

Katelin said...

aw love it. such a cute theme for a party, love the santa hats too, haha.

Fashion Therapist said...

You guys are always so festive. Kudos to theming the night of Red and White....I feel like white never gets enough credit as being a Christmas color.

Anonymous said...

Love your dress, looking gorgeous!

Natasha said...

red, red, red... I love red ;) and those red platforms are to die for, quite literary ;)


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