Wednesday, December 9, 2009

To you, from Me.


Hi You,

i love You with all my heart.
i thank You for being the best and for putting up with me and my crazy bursts of insecurities.
i want You to know that You are my life.
i love everything about You.
i miss You.

i hope You have a good day.

love, Me.


seriouslyright? said...



seriouslyright? said...

it's me right? you're talking about me...

i'm your life!

Maritess said...

awwww you guys are so flipping adorable! You've inspired me to make a similar post (sometime soon!)

brandon said...

awww i just saw this! Thanks BABY! <--- see I said it! BABY! hahaha....have a great day lover face! Love you til the end

Anonymous said...

you guys are so cute. i want to be in a relationship like this!


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